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Hand Tracking

Video Tutorial


Hand tracking is very convenient to use, but hasn't been documented greatly yet in Immersive Home so this guide will give you a quick introduction on how to use it.


Clicking can be done using two ways. The first being from a distance by pinching your index and thumb finger together to click on a button. The second method is how you would normally interact with the real world using your index finger. Just press onto a button with your index finger and the button should trigger.

It should be said that the phyiscal interaction is not wiedly implemented yet so in some cases you have to fallback to the pinch gesture.


You can move object by pinching your middle and thumb finger together or when you're close enough, also by pinching the index and thumb finger together.

Opening the menu

The menu can be opened and closed by pressing index and thumb finger together while pointing both fingers in the direction of your headset.

Index and Thumb finger pressed together

More gestures will come in the future to make interactions even quicker.