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Voice Assistant

The voice assistant is a feature that allows you to control your home using your voice. It is powered by the Home Assistant voice control integration

Voice Assistant

Enabling the Voice Assistant

First, you have to enable the voice assistant in the settings panel. You can do this by opening the menu and clicking on the settings button. Then, click on the microphone button to enable the voice assistant.


There is currently a problem with the app not being able to select the correct microphone after enabling the voice assistant. If you have problems with the voice assistant, try restarting the app.

Using the Voice Assistant

The voice assistant will constantly listen for the wake word you have selected in Home Assistant. When it hears the wake word, it will display loading circles below your view.

Voice Assistant Loading

While the loading circles are displayed, you can say a command. The command will then be displayed with the response from the Assistant and the response will be spoken out loud.